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June, gardening, sailing and watercolour painting.

Big old mill wheel at Kells

June is well under way,  lots of fine dry weather kept me in the garden, the last few days of thunderstorms has me back in the studio! So what am I up to? Well, Im working on the final few paintings for my TCAF/Arts Week exhibition in August (Concert Hall, Thomastown). 

I have already sent a few to the framer, there is no point in leaving everything till the last minute, she is typically inundated with work in the lead up to this annual art frenzy. I will have the rest ready hopefully by the end of the week.

I will have my usual coastal landscapes, and a preview of my (WIP) Lough Derg series, but what has me busy this month is the mill at Kells, Co Kilkenny. Its just a few Km from here. The whole area, especially by the river, is very pretty. I will have a mini-exhibition, as part of the exhibition (TCAF) featuring five images of the mill, the mill wheel and the bridge at Kells. 

Visit my studio (by appointment) if you are looking for a painting as a gift, I have lots of watercolours, framed ready to hang.  Im in Stoneyford, Co Kilkenny.

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