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Me and Monet, best friends.

Creek near Ardmore Co. Waterford.

Spring is a busy time in the garden, the garden is always my first priority. It is the greatest canvas of all.  (Me and Monet, best friends)!

It is also a busy time in the studio. So much to do! I’m taking stock at the moment. My first big exhibition is in Tramore, in May. I have quite a few suitable pieces framed, and a few more unframed, but I have some gaps. The title of the exhibition is Low Tide ,Green Grass, and it is a joint exhibition with Ann Brennan, who is an excellent oil painter. So there will be a mixture of oils and watercolours. Something for everyone. More on this later.

I am expecting a big order of replacement paints and watercolour paper any day now. This is the starting point for the new year. The gaps will be filled. Low tide being the theme, I am planning a series of beach scenes, featuring the Waterford coast. I started working on this theme last year, but I sold two (Annestown and Rathmoylan), during arts week and another (Stradbally) before it was even finished! The Waterford coast is popular. 

Also, as I’m just recently back from the sun, I have lots of great photos and memories of turquoise seas and crashing waves. I love painting waves, it’s very close to abstract art, very little drawing is required. Waves on the copper coast, the wild Atlantic way and Tenerife can look remarkably similar, it’s all the same ocean. But in Tenerife, the turquoise was almost luminous. I am looking forward to trying to capture this.

I have exhibitions in August also, I will be working on different themes for these, but I’ll get to that later, first things first.

So here’s to another year, may 2024 be a good one for you. 

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